Indy (formerly Tiki)

Prior to August 2014, I had been raving about having a dog -- I was very interested in the pitties but not until I moved to my current residence was I allowed to have a dog. Right away I decided I should jump on the opportunity to get one to call my own. I headed toward the SF SPCA first to have a look around, leaving my wallet at home so I wouldn't jump on the first puppy eyes I saw.

After looking at all of the adorable pitties, a volunteer inquired about what my lifestyle was like and what exactly I was looking for in a dog... and boy was she right. She introduced to me to a 4-year-old flat coat retriever/border collie mix that was not what I expected at all.

At the time Indy was 83 lbs, double the weight that she is now, but despite that she had the sweetest personality and was definitely a people dog. After a few hours of playing and interacting, with her and my roommates, I decided to run home and grab my wallet. Voila! Six months later, I'm absolutely in love with my pooch. We celebrated our October birthdays together and she is now a healthy fifty pounds. Everyone loves her and she's been a great support system and friend. Thanks SF SPCA!