When I saw Indi at the SPCA, it was love at first sight. But three weeks later... I was struggling with owning my first dog alone and both of us were having a hard time bonding. We started taking training classes at the SPCA with Jeff and I can remember how amazing it felt when we learned something together. We were communicating! It was an incredible feeling, that she understood what I was asking of her.

After training classes, we started hiking together a lot, traveling and exploring all of the East Bay, just the two of us. Today, we go everywhere together, to the top of peaks in Colorado or just out to lunch in Oakland. She always keeps an eye on me, and I swear she can understand entire sentences that I say to her. She brightens my day, no matter how dreary, and wakes me up every morning with a tiny kiss on the nose.

I appreciate all of the memories we've shared over the last few years more because it took us both a while to grow together. I really had to work to earn her trust, and affection... Looking back now, I love to see how far we've both come. It makes me curious and excited to see how much more we'll discover about each other in the years to come. Indi is my best friend, the absolute best decision I have ever made in my life. I couldn't be without her.

I appreciate the SPCA for bringing her over from Merced shelter, giving her to me for a free adoption(!), providing excellent training classes, and getting us through our Canine Good Citizen test. She's absolutely perfect in every single way.