My partner and I adopted Ducky (formerly Chuck) from the SF SPCA back in March. Since then he has settled well into his new surroundings in Marin County. Ducky came to us through a partnership with the SF SPCA and Humane Society International as one of 64 dogs rescued from a Korean dog meat farm. We thought we had our work cut out for us with him, but the truth of the fact is that when we got him back to our home all he wanted to do was love us! He has taught us more than we have taught him. It is amazing that a dog that came from such horrible conditions could have so much love to give! Ducky loves to hang out on the lawn and chew his favorite toy. He is a loving companion to us both, and we thank both the SF SPCA and HSI for all the hard work they do day in and day out for the betterment of these animals.