Chela (previously Moxie)

One of our beloved dogs of 13 years passed away in October of 2014 and we were completely heartbroken, especially our three-year old dog, Nala. When we thought the time was right, we went to the San Francisco SPCA in April to find another furry companion. We ran into a Chihuahua mix named Moxie (now Chela) and we knew she was the one. Chela was a six-month old puppy who was a little fearful, but that didn't stop us from getting her. As soon as we brought her home, she and Nala became inseperable. Although we're taking it step by step, we love that she's blossoming to the dog we know that she is. She's doing great and we are so glad that the SF SPCA allowed her to come with with us.