After moving into our very own place together, my boyfriend and I realized the place could use something: a kitty. I'd been wanting to adopt an animal for awhile, and we headed to the SF SPCA to take a look. It's hard not to fall in love with all the cats, but Rigby was the one that caught our eyes.

It wasn't easy to get him to come out of his kitty house, and he yowled all the way home, but he has settled in quite nicely. Though initially he wouldn't come out of the closet (he likes snuggling with shoes), he has since claimed the entire place as his own. He especially enjoys lying on bellies and playing with any cord, ribbon, or string that happens to be dangling in his territory.

He's also gained some weight since coming to live with us, so he's a bit plump now. He's our first pet together, and my first pet as an adult. I couldn't love him more and have a hard time thinking about how he ended up in a shelter in the first place. Oh well, he's found his forever home now!