Cashmere Venus

Socializing a Feral Kitten with TLC

There are no words to express the wondrous feelings when we saw CASHMERE VENUS, a 3 month old feral, for adoption in July 2011 at the San Francisco SPCA. She was exactly what we wanted, a mixed Tuxedo Maine Coon, independent, frolicking and beautiful in her SF SPCA condominium. We were just about to go north to adopt our new kitty, but decided to turn west and drove across the Bay Bridge, knowing our good fortune might be granted with certainty.

When we brought this gorgeous black and white furry baby kitty home, we were amazed at her gymnastic ability, her independence in toy play, and her highly responsive and expressive nature. A new feral kitty from the SF SPCA, born on the streets of San Francisco and rescued by this marvelous agency for fostering was bringing us enlightenment as well as some challenges. Now we set out to socialize this sweet natured little being and new member of our family who was full of joy and entertainment yet very frisky and a bit attached.

CASHMERE VENUS being a feral born needed constant gentleness from us as she would be overstimulated easily and sometimes quickly bite at too much petting. She stayed rather aloof with her independent nature but seemed socialized to welcome people. Daily we would have a regular 3 meal diet for her, comb her beautiful fur ever so lightly, talk to her in murmuring sweetness all day, and praise her always for everything she did, even at using the litter box.

Being an indoor kitty only, she seemed to enjoy her surroundings which were provided with two water bowls, many cat beds for her to sleep on, an abundance of toys, daily play, daily brief hugs, an abundance of kisses to her, and a constant cat and human communication of daily thoughts. She also enjoyed the Salmon dish for her yearly birthday celebration as well as when gifts frequently are brought home to her.

She now sleeps on our bed, follows us around all day, allows increased petting, is always healthy and happy, and is learning the monthly routine of going to the Vet for a manicure, flea control application, brushing of her matts and fur, and weight weighing. CASHMERE VENUS is like our child, the excited little girl in our hearts, and has never failed to bring us increased joy, entertainment, unconditional love, and such a spark of joy that everyone admires. So loved is she when she sits before her daily meals and displays her cloud like, fluffy white Maine with fervor.

From the day of adoption, Pet Food Express has displayed photos of CASHMERE VENUS in many local stores as we are loyal contributors to the SIDO Program of the SF SPCA Legacy Society. She loves to be photographed, she loves to be petted very gently, and she absolutely loves life! CASHMERE VENUS is a wondrous little living being who brings light and life to not only us, George and me, but to all who touch her existence. We are so blessed to see the successful fostering of the feral kitties at the SF SPCA, and to be a part of their gifts and kitty treasures!

By Ann Jean Millikan, March 2015