Bizzy (formerly Bonita)

I moved to a studio in SF from the South Bay in early 2015. Going from roommate living to studio living left me coming home to a quiet apartment, so I decided that I'd adopt a buddy from the SF SPCA. I scooted down to the Mission Campus for their St. Catrick's Day event with a couple cats in mind (including Bizzy) that I'd seen online. Everyone could not have been friendlier when I got there, which was so helpful for a nervous, first time pet owner. I wandered around, passing by one of the cats I'd had my eye on, who was already playing with someone else, until I found Bizzy. I was let into her room and sat on the floor to let her get to know me. The volunteer said she took to me much quicker than she had to anyone else. She'd been a surrender by her previous owners when their new landlord changed his mind about pets at the last minute (which broke my heart), so she was pretty skittish. I knew at that moment that she was my girl. She and I have had our ups and downs (living alone while trying to give her meds and cut her nails is an adventure), but hearing her meow as I come to the door each day is music to my ears. I rolled around a few names for a while (I just could never get my mouth around calling her Bonita) until I landed on Bizzy, which matches her cute, sweet, slightly nutty, and high-strung personality. I love my Bizzy-bear, thank you SF SPCA!