Baxter and Emma

My aunt, Eileen Thomas, was a kitten foster parent for the SF SPCA when I moved to San Francisco in 2005. I stayed with her while I got on my feet, and made it through one round of kittens before I couldn't stand it anymore and needed my own!

Baxter and Emma came along with two other kittens, and I couldn't help but fall in love. Baxter was the runt of the four kittens, and would get pushed out of the feeding bowls and needed a special diet to beef him up for adoption. That was it; I was sold. I had to have him. I knew I wanted a pair of kitties, so they could keep each other company, and these two couldn't be more in love. Emma has a diva's attitude, but knows when to turn on the charm.

Brother and sister to the core, they wrestle at all hours of the night, but always end up in a cuddle puddle when it's all over. 10 years later, it is hard to imagine my life without them!